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Ugh there are SO many things I want right now, mostly sports related stuff haha. Yesterday I did some shopping though, but had to stop myself from buying everything in the entire store. It's so freakin difficult to pick... Also there's SO MUCH online that I want as well. Love all Nike's stuff at so I have to stop myself there as well haha.

Sadly the weather has been shitty this whole week but hopefully once it clears up a little, I'll be able to go out for walks and runs etc after work and during the weekends. It's always the plan isn't it? Too bad I'm so laZY.

How about you guys? Any favorite sites to shop for workout clothes? Let me know!!


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After wandering around for about an hour looking for a place to eat, Ester and I ended up here! A burrito place in Gothenburg called WRAPPED. Really good! Not exactly Chipotle-level, but still good haha. I never eat out anymore so it was nice not to have to cook for once. If you're ever in Gothenburg, check it out!
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