Preconceptions: Same or Different?

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Is it the same kind of prejudice or is there a difference depending on what you're judging?

So yesterday in town we were shopping around and at a cash register, the older foreign lady working there looked at my chest piece and said "WOW how nice! Very very nice!" and I was like who is she talking to? Haha. She thought it looked so nice and was such a great design and was very impressed. And it was a lady that in my mind might as well have looked at it and said that I was the spawn of Satan and that I should cover myself up and go to church haha...

So I just wanted to mention this 'cause I am very often suprised by the attitude of slightly older generations and how they treat me and body modifications in general. I just assume right away that they hate me and think I'm ugly and terrible so I kinda expect them to be negative towards me.

I would never be unfriendly towards someone because of it 'cause I don't want to feed the prejudice that already exists! And also I'm not an unfriendly person. But I guess it is easy to "protect" yourself from critisism by being grumpy and frowny and not friendly at all. But you just have to remember that if you're nice to them no matter what and they still choose to be rude towards you, then that's on them. Don't ever give them a reason to believe that their possible prejudice is correct!

However I do believe there's a difference between assuming that someone will dislike your body modifications and for someone else to judge you by the way you look. Or maybe not. I don't know really haha... Maybe it's the exact same thing for me to judge them on how they look. Although I judge that they will not like what I do. They judge and don't like what I do.

Is there a difference or is it the same? What do you think?

Tattoo From Hell

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Well here we are. The result of all my pain and agony haha! I love it. It's perfect. Colors, design, placement, everything is awesome. Took me 12 hours of pain, of which 5 were lines which didn't hurt as bad. Done by Julia at Zoi Tattoo in Malmö, Sweden.

Now I'm going to finish my yoghurt and coffee and watch all the series I've missed this week! (Grey's, Criminal Minds and PLL). C ya!
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