Who are you people??

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Few things in the world make me feel as guilty as checking in on this blog and seeing that there are people checking in every single day. Like. Who are you people???? Why are you here?? I don't deserve you! Haha...
During the last couple of days I have been thinking about starting a blog again. Or well. I have this blog. But actually using it. It didn't really work out super duper great when I tried it like 1.5 years ago or whenever I started this, but things might be different this time for various reasons.

I guess you guys checking in would prefer it if there were new posts to read?

Hmmm... It's a work in progress. I'm thinking about it.
#1 - - ♀ R E V O L T E N ♀:

Det är första gången jag kikar in, och jag brukar också undra samma sak ^^ alltså det där du beskriver i första stycket

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