Goodbye Malmö

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Good morning guys.

This pic basically describes how I feel right now haha. Leaving Malmö, going back to Gothenburg. My chest is killing me. Everything feels kinda meh... I really just want to sleep. Maybe I'll do that when I get home haha. Even though I have so much to do. Wahhhhhh.

I still feel the pain of getting the tattoo done. Like it's a mental pain that just won't go away hahah. I can feel how I was close to puking at one point, and tears involuntarily came out of my eyes. And how one line was the worst pain I could imagine, and as soon as the needle lifted... IT CAME BACK DOWN AND DID IT AGAIN. Oh my goodness I'm scarred for life.

Hahah I don't mean to scare people who plan on getting their chests done. You can do it. If it makes you feel better, the worst was between the boobs and on my collar bones/neck. So if you just stay clear of those places it's fine. Really.

Okay enough pain talk. I'm hungry. Going to have a huge bowl of porridge when I get home. Basically all I have hahah. Very convenient. Talk to y'all later! x
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