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Good morning guys!

So the platform I'm currently using for my blog is originally in Swedish but I've been able to change everything to English in the HTML shiet. EXCEPT!! The stupid like-button at the bottom haha. 'Cause I'm pretty sure that's connected to another site and I can't really change it.
But it's fine I guess. Y'all will just have to learn a new Swedish word! Like = Gilla. So if you wanna like this post, you now know what to do! ;)

Got two meetings today at work and then tonight I'm heading to Malmö again! Going to take some new pics with Ellen and fill in shadows and color on my chest piece. Figers crossed that she can finish it tomorrow! 

Have a lovely day fellas!
UPDATE: Apparently you could change it haha! Thank you so much for the tip! Screw learning new languages! ;)
UPDATE 2: The code I used to change it fucked with my menu bar at the top so I removed it haha... So we're back to being all international up in here!
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