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Good morning guys!

I'm off work today, but when you work for a newspaper you're never really off haha... Had to get up and translate some shit for a newsletter that's out this morning. Zzzz... Feel so dead haha. BUT! Another reason I'm up is 'cause I've got a collaboration coming up in a few minutes with a YouTuber from AUSTRALIA! So for our time schedules to match, she's posting her's at 7pm and I'm posting mine at 10am, sooo they're out at the same time. Makes sense ehhh?? Excited!
Anyway, got to my man's place yesterday after like 6 hours of traveling due to late trains. So horrible. I hate trains... Ugh. Also I had two connections that I obviously missed. When I lived in Malmö we were only like 3-4 fours apart... -__-

Spending Easter here so that'll be fun. Also going to see my parents on Sunday, haven't been home since Christmas! :)

Have a good day guys! xx
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