Tampon Torture

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Nah that's ok... Who need as good start to the day anyway??

Still sick... But woke up early to do some translations for work 'cause we've got a newsletter coming out today and they need my shiet etc... But ofc I wake up to a stupid nose bleed. UGhhhh... But I guess it's a good sign 'cause I usually get nose bleeds after my throat (and head basically) has been hurting a lot so it's probably a sign that it's getting better at least.

Whoever came up with this tampon idea is a fucking idiot though. IT SWELLS. OBVIOUSLY. Which hurts my poor little nose. :( Ouch.

My mom gets here today by the way. Hopefully I feel better than crap this weekend. Gonna keep snoozing in a bit so I'm not dead tired later.

PS. So far Feast for Crows is pretty good. To be continued.
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