Storm of Swords

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Feels like all I do is post good morning-posts haha, but that's basically the only time right now that I'm not really doing anything. AKA the time my man is playing his super exciting computer games.........

Anyway - I'm almost halfway through Storm of Swords pt. 2 now! :) Then I'm attacking Feast for Crows aaand finally Dance with Dragons before the next book comes out!! This one in particular isn't really that exciting yet. I mean... The Red Wedding was okay but not really a huge WTF-moment. And I mean it's technically the last half of this book since it's divided in two so hopefully it gets more exciting soon! :)

Oh yeah, happy Easter btw! I hate Easter. My least favorite of all holidays. So boring, hate yellow, there's basically no point to it, don't really like candy all that much, etc etc. BUT at least we're off work hahaha. Thanks Sweden.
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