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Spontaneous shopping yesterday! Got mostly necessities but that's fine. From left: Running shorts (H&M), socks (H&M), Workout hoodie/running jacket (Gina Tricot), PTFE tape for my ears haha (Clas Ohlson), gray v-neck t-shirt (Gina Tricot), red v-neck button long sleeved shirt (Gina Tricot), and two pairs of underwear (H&M).

Most of these were on sale (or half of them at least), so that was good. I loove the red color of the shirt so I had to get a pair of underwear to match. Make sense? I don't know. Also I'm running out of clean clothes right now 'cause I haven't been able to do laundry in FOREVER, and don't have time until TUESDAY next week omg. So these are definitely life savers haha...

Wanted to get a lot of things but that'll have to wait a while. Have to save up money right now... But I guess I can do some shopping once I get my salary next week haha. We'll see! Don't want to overdo it. Also looking into a pair of shoes for about $100 so that'll have to be prioritized. :)

Anyway, this is what I got this time around! 'Like' below if you like it! xx
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