Song of Ice and Never Ending Story

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My strange little collection haha. Honestly have no idea what I've done with my copy of Clash of Kings. It must be laying around somewhere. Also I have two copies of Storm of Swords 'cause I finished Clash of Kings while on vacation... So... Had to buy an extra copy of that.

ANYWAY!!!!!!! Just finished Storm of Swords pt 2! To be honest nothing really happened in the entire book until the last couple of chapters but oh my GODDD. GRRM is a freakin' crazy-person. There are always some OMG-moments in the books. I was quite disappointed of the first part of Storm of Swords 'cause I hadn't really OMG anything yet, but in the end now hahahah hohoohoh yesss!!! I LOVE when he kills people. As long as he doesn't kill my favorites, which he basically already did in the first book but yeah, one of my least favorite characters just died and I'm excited.

Time to move on to Feast for Crows. It's thick as fuuuuuuuk. The thickest book so far I think. Gosh this is going to take forever. And then Dance with Dragons is thicker yet. Uhhhhhh. But it's all good. Time for some more reading to get my mind off my hunger haha... :////

Fingers crossed that this is a good one! Like this post below ('Gilla') if you like this series (books or tv show)!! xx
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