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Spent the day in town shopping around. Well, I only bought one thing haha so there wasn't a lot of shopping going on but we checked out a bunch of stuff. I'll show you what I got a little later – from my favorite brand heyooo go Sweden! Didn't find a black hoodie I was after (??? how difficult can it be stupid stores) and ended up buying no mascara and no Lush-stuff. Oh well!

Was going to try out some of the Adidas I blogged about a few days ago as well, but they didn't have my size. IN ANY COLOR. Whyyyy does everyone have my size? Stop copying me omg.

We also had lunch outside for the first time this year which was nice. It wasn't cold at all so that was lovelyyy. Had some curry noodles and brought some sushi with us for dinner later.

Just going to chillax a little now.
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You are so Young to be so independent! That's awsome! You always inspire me :)
Adidas should produce more stuffs by the way hehe

Svar: Why thank you! :) I'm just living my life haha! xx

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