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I'm not one wearing a lot of color, usually go with black. BUT I'm obsessed with these Adidas by Pharrell. LOVE the red and teal. If there's one clothing item I'm comfortable wearing colored it's shoes. My absolute favorites growing up were a pair of yellow Converse that were discontinued and never ever made again (yes there are yellow, but not THAT kind of yellow). I loooooved those shoes, but as most people know who wear Converse, after a few years they're not wearable anymore... Wäh. Also I still love my pink Vans I bought in London like 4-5 years ago!

Anyway, I am obsesed with these. Never owned a pair of Adidas growing up like most people, but I might just have to get a pair now. Don't know which color though. What do you guys think??? Black is cool but a little boring. I'd love a pair of white ones too, but the red are soooo nice. This dilemma. Not cool. I'll have to go try 'em out somewhere...

Which color would you like to have??
#1 - - Oslofru:

Nice shoes <3

#2 - - Oslofru:

Nice shoes <3

#3 - - Anonym:


#4 - - Anonym:

I love the red and black ;)

#5 - - Anonym:

I'd go for the red ones.
Or I'd suggest you the Solid Magenta ones and the Nomad Orange ones... check them out. ;)

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