Haul Street Team

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So if you've checked out the new haulapparel.com, you might have noticed the section called Street Team, or Haul Street Team or maybe even HST he he he. This is our new and also first project to involve you guys a bit more in the company!

We chose to do this since everything we do is thanks to all of you. Without you there's no way we could ever make Haul grow the way we're doing now! So why not give you even more responsebility to promote the brand and start this street team so to speak?

Basically what happens when you ask to join is that we send you this "social media press kit" with your unique code on it. This code gives your friends and family 5% off their entire purchase at haulapparel.com. Once your code has been used 5 times we will send you another code that will give you 25% off one of your purchases as a reward!

The whole point of this is to market our brand with the voices of the customers AKA you. You guys are important to us and this is a chance for you to join in and help out! x


Smokin' In The Boys' Room

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Just got back from filming for a short film, aka work, aka yes just got back and it's 9am. I didn't even bother going to sleep... Got picked up at 4am, started filming around 5. It went pretty good! The photographer lives in a gorgeous house that we filmed in when the sun was rising. I had to "smoke" my very first and hopefully last cigarettes ever and also film with my head under water. So two things I'm not particularly fond of... But it went okay and hopefully the footage is worth it. She said it look good at least!

Now I'm going to try to get the disgusting smoke taste out of my mouth and then go to sleep. What am I even doing up at this hour..? Nobody knows...

Hills Like White Elephants

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Finally!! After some struggles (major on my part), the new HAUL APPAREL website is up and running! Feels so good to finally have a proper website and not necessarily a default theme haha! While Ellen was concentrating on the pictures and visual parts of the update, I was screaming and swearing at all the HTML codes that would never work... Except after complaining about 'em for like 10 hours, so I kept doing that every time I got stuck.

Anyway! Major thank you to Max, Tokke & Jessica who helped us out with the modeling. Champs! We took all the picture at a limestone pit in Malmö. It's so crazy gorgeous there, and HUUGE. Kinda looks like a Colosseum... of limestone...? Ehh?

We also have this new thing going on called the HAUL STREET TEAM, which anyone can join, and you get discount codes and a chance to spread the word about Haul if y'all like it! For more information and to check out all the new pictures, head on over to http://haulapparel.com/ :D x
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