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April 12th

There are two things that make me realize how insanely quick time flies by. The first is that people get pregnant, are pregnant and have their babies in like 1 weeks time hahah, and that like a week can go by and I don't update this blog. It literally feels like I updated yesterday. So I'm sorry to all of you who check back in here every day. I do my best!

So what's new. Hm. I woke up an hour ago or so (it's 1.30pm) and got stuck in front of the TV watching the women's floorball Swedish championship final (...rolls of the tongue doesn't it hahah). It breaks my heart to watch so I'm basically just torturing myself. No matter how happy I am with my current life, missing floorball and soccer is buried deeeeeeeep down. And it stays buried unless I get reminded of it... Which I am being now.

ANYWAY. Doing some last minute shopping today. Going to the Swedish YouTube-awards on Tuesday and I've only got 1/3 of an outfit sorted. Time to spend some $$$.

Have a lovely weekend guys! x