Hey... Again

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Dang it. Stopped updating again. Hahah I suck at this. I seriously don't get how full time bloggers keep up. But I guess they're not all over the place...

Anyhow, a lot has happened I guess, but nothing y'all don't already know about if you follow me on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Went to Motala to sell stuff for Haul, super fun! Hung out with Ester before she leaves for Canada, also super fun!

Heading back to Malmö soon since school starts in like a week oH MY GOD I don't wanna. Ugh.

Viva La Diva

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So my trip into town earlier today was a total fail 'cause everything was closed. I googled the hours before I left but only for like the bigger mall and apparently the smaller shops don't do that stuff. Blah.

BUUUUT instead of buying one new eyeshadow I got four new ones for the same price by Viva La Diva. I have been wanting to try their single shadows forever 'cause the pigment is so amazing. So I got the two to the left which are brown (Copper Brown) and green-ish (Misty Green) shimmery broze and the top right is a matte chocolate brown (which is also the name of the shade haha) and the bottom right is actually a blush (Dreams) but I'm going to use it as an eyeshadow anyway 'cause fuck the police.

I'll make a swatch and tutorial video for these ASAP. Excited to try 'em out!

No Rest Sunday

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Hey gaiz. Got so much to get done today. Or at least that's what it feels like. Have to go into town, get a bunch of stuff I need. Then I have to kinda start thinking about how I want to re-arrange my apartment a little to optimize it for my YouTube-productions... 'Cause the way it is right now isn't really working too well. So that's going to take forever. And then I also have to go grocery shopping. It's 12pm and I'm still in bed. And I don't have milk for coffee... So... This shall be interesting!

Have a good Sundayyyyy. xx
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