Follow my Instagram for my pics from my lyffeeeeee. Super duper exciting right? Haha. x

Suit Up

So we recently added a new shirt to the collection at Haul Apparel! Or well, this weekend to be exact :) To check it out, head on over to :D Also we offer free shipping all over the world which is pretty awesome. xx

Starving Wednesday

Wednesday AKA Friday for me. I'm off work tomorrow and on Friday so I'm heading to Mooootown after work today yay. Haven't been there in four months. That's almost six months...

The question is how I am going to survive the 4.5 hour trip without any kind if food 'cause I STILL haven't gotten my new bank card so I can't buy shit to eat. And I'm already hungry. Also I have no lunch today. Wow exciting life... Might have to go look up a bank on my lunch break hahah...

Have a good day guys!