Unofficial Vacation Coming Up!

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Hey friends! How are all of you doing? :)

Had school from 3pm to 3.30 today haha... Such a lame day, but whatever. Did some shopping afterwards which makes everything better hehehe. Tomorrow I'm heading to Gothenburg in the morning to visit my potential new office as of next year! Exciting :) After that I'm finally heading to my lil' bish after way too long. Will get a break from everything... Except work... and school... Hahah. But it's always easier to deal with things when you're not at home.

Time to watch some Paradise Hotel. Peace out my favorite followers!! xxx

Another Sorry... Sorry...

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There are still like 30 people who check in here every single day. I am so sorry that y'all never find new posts haha :( It breaks my heart. And every other week I write a blog post for my course in school so I log on here and see the statistics. SORRY SORRY SORRY. And I know that sorry-posts are so fucking boring and that no-one wants to read them really, but there's nothing else I can say really.

Update on my life: job-hunting. Going very well so far! Also still YouTube:ing and everything else, so for all of you who want more than the occasional post here, you know where to find me! xxx

Procrastination or something else?

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Taking procrastination to a whole other level right now. Got back home on Thursday to start doing some school work. It's now Sunday afternoon and I haven't even started yet. I HATE this so much. I hate hate hate it. But what I hate most is actually having to do it, not the doing itself, if that makes any sense.

There are so many things I'd rather do. Is it just procrastination or is it a sign that I SHOULD be doing something else? I don't know. But I'm not enjoying this feeling of SHIT SHIT SHIT. I hate this.
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